Under this scheme ‘R&D’ doesn’t have to be right at the cutting edge of science as we know it; so whilst HMRC is keen to ensure that your development projects are challenging, you don’t necessarily have to be employing men in white coats to claim this relief – please click here if you’d like to check your suitability for the scheme

First of all, we feel pretty confident that we could ascertain very quickly whether or not a claim could be made, but even if we spent a little longer than usual and realised that there was no claim to be made then there would still be no charge to you.

R&D Tax Credits are not arbitrary in the way that many grant applications are; if you qualify on a technological level then these credits are your entitlement! Secondly, you stand to receive up to 32% of your overall development costs back, which would certainly be worth the effort.

EasyR&D is the only specialist R&D Tax Credit organisation to have truly embraced eCommerce as an effective and efficient medium through which to offer R&D Tax credit services and then pass the cost savings generated by these efficiencies on to their clients; in addition to providing exceptional value for money (typically saving clients 40%-50% of their overall fees), the EasyR&D process is not contractually binding and allows clients to work in a way and at a time to suit them.