Type of Business: Engineering

Recent claim secured: £51,411


"In simple terms, the market is moving at such a pace that if you're not innovating and finding unique and automated ways to improve your offering to your clients, you're effectively going backwards."

"We employ some excellent technologists, but there are many times when we are literally scratching our heads and having to find increasingly innovative and creative ways of achieving our technical goals."

"To be honest when we were approached by Easy R&D, it's fair to say we were initially somewhat sceptical, since 'R&D' is something one normally associates with more scientific endeavours, such as pharmaceutical development; we didn't necessarily think it applied to us."

What we did:

"In talking to Easy R&D, they soon realised that our desire to be continually improving our client offering regularly involved R&D, since it takes our developers into the unknown, meaning that our development paths become increasingly unpredictable and we are perpetually having to develop innovative technical solutions to challenging technical problem."

What they said:

"It was clear that the Easy R&D team knew exactly what to look for, they gave us the confidence that we could make a claim and we simply let them get on with it. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Easy R&D to any company potentially considering an R&D Tax Credit application."

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