R&D Tax Credit Process

How does it work?

The traditional approach to claiming has typically been to engage with a specialist organisation, meet face to face and work collaboratively to submit a claim to HMRC.

All good so far, except that:

  1. This is not usually the most efficient or effective use of everyone’s time;
  2. With development timescales to meet and client SLAs to consider it is not always possible for a claimant’s representatives to commit to meeting at a place and a time without the likelihood of last-minute changes, or worse still, non-productive meetings or outcomes;
  3. Given that technical input is often required from several members of the development team, ensuring that these people are all available at a given time provides a further challenge;
  4. Although often well-deserved, the specialist R&D Tax Credit companies are doing extremely well out of the fees that they are charging;
  5. Finally we discovered, almost by accident, that many clients preferred a more ‘hands-off’ approach anyway, allowing them to do things in their own time and at their own pace;

Hence at Easy R&D we decided to come up with a fresh approach that provides a better solution for everyone.

Stage 1: Do you qualify?

We give you a secure web based login, show you the types of things to look for and then ask you to either submit a short overview of your development projects via our web based process or to discuss them by telephone; we will also ask you a few basic legal questions.

Assuming you qualify and we all agree that it makes sense to proceed, we will then move on to Stage 2.

Research and development

Stage 2: Information gathering

Technical Information:

Assuming you qualify we will then ask you several detailed questions about your development projects, in much the same way as we would in a face-to-face meeting, except that doing it this way will allow you to undertake this exercise at a time suitable to you, giving you time to collect your own thoughts as well as those of other members of the team, collate your information and fully consider your responses.

The questions we ask have been carefully thought through and we also give you examples of the types of answers we are looking for.

Your answers will give our team most of the information required for us to pull together the technical part of your R&D Tax Credit claim and relate it back to the relevant areas of the legislation, but we will be sure to contact you with any additional questions, queries or further clarification, as and when these arise.

Financial Information:

In parallel with collating and preparing the technical aspects of the claim we will need to assess and collate the financial implications of the R&D projects listed in the technical report.

Once again using a secure web based process we lead you through a series of questions that will ask you to enter the relevant details, which in turn will enable us to collate all the relevant expenditure for the claim.

We will also ask you to submit copies of documents such as company accounts and corporation tax computations via this secure portal.


Stage 3: Submission and liaison with HMRC

We will submit your claim to HMRC and liaise with them, discussing any aspects that may be pertinent, in order to deliver the right result for your business.

How do we use the web based process?

The system will auto-save as you go, meaning that all information will be automatically saved in the event that the internet connection should close or fail for any reason.

Additionally, the system will give you the option of either saving or printing local copies of your submissions at any stage of the process.

Finally, we’d like to state that whilst we’re predominantly driven by efficiency and cost-savings wherever possible, we’re not so tied to these principles that we’re unable to operate any other way; hence we’d also be very happy to speak with you at any time or sit down and meet with you face-to-face if you would like to do so.